Mas Anglada and its vineyards have gone hand in hand for over 200 years. In 2004 the old grape vine varieties were replaced by cabernet sauvignon and merlot and currently yield 4,500 bottles every year.

The vineyards extend over 1.2 hectares. The composition of the soil, a mixture of slate impoverished with clay and a granitic layer in the subsoil, allows vine roots to grow deep into the ground and enjoy better water retention than in the rest of the Empordà designation of origin.

Mas Anglada wines are a dream come true for its owner. Their names are a reflection of his personal emotional experiences: ANALVARO pays homage to Ana and Alvaro, two of his eight children, while TOLIMEN is a reminiscence of memories on an old family boat, collected in the book Tolimen y la lengua del volcán (Clipmedia Ediciones, 2003).